Mrs Sujatha

When the Chairperson, Mrs Sujatha first envisioned the inception of a school in Doddaballapur, her goal was to establish an institution that would not just cater to the needs of my local community but also expose them to great teachers and a great learning atmosphere. Aditya Public School was the brainchild of Mrs Sujatha who still works hard to make this a better lace of learning.


Mr MG Sreenivasa

Mr MG Sreenivasa, a leader, a visionary and a businessman, has always envisioned Aditya Public School to be one of the finest institutions in the region. Mr Sreenivasa strives to provide the best of the features for the school, be it the electronic teaching boards, in sourcing the best of the teachers and in providing an ambience that only a few institutions in Karnataka can provide.


Dr Thejaswini

As someone who has done my schooling in Doddaballapur, Dr Thejaswini understood the role of a good educational institution in shaping a child’s future. Dr Thejaswini, along with the other members of the team have been successful in providing an educational facility in Doddaballapur, that caters to children of all calibre and develop them into leaders of the future.

Chief Operations Supervisor

Dr Mithun Rajshekar

Dr Mithun Rajshekar, an alumnus of one of the best schools in Ooty, holds a bachelors in Dental Surgery Degree and a PhD in Forensic Odontology and Epidemiology. Dr Mithun brings with him, his experience in project management and supervision, along with knowledge in advanced technology applied in school teaching. Dr Mithun supports the management team in all aspects of development and ensures that Aditya Public School is among the top schools in the region, not just now, but also in the years to come.